Legislation Law No. 2/07 of 31 May - Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola

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Law No. 2/07 of 31 May - Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola

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Law No. 2/07 of 31 May - Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola
CHAPTER I - General Provisions
CHAPTER II - Rights, Duties and Guarantees
CHAPTER III - Entry and Departure from National Territory
  CHAPTER IV - Entry Visas
CHAPTER V - Residence permits
CHAPTER VI - Registration
CHAPTER VII - Travel Documents to be Issued to Foreign Citizens
CHAPTER VII - Offenses
CHAPTER IX - Charges
CHAPTER X - Executory and transitory provisions
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Law No. 2 / 07, dated August 31 approved the Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola, entered into force in November 2007. Applicable to all foreign citizens wishing to come to the Republic of Angola, this law aims to achieve a more effective control of illegal immigration, regulating and enabling the creation of better conditions for the integration of immigrants in the country.

This law defines and regulates the systems of entry, departure, stay and residence in the country, as well as sanctions against its infringement. This decree was intended to protect realities that were not protected by law, including the entry into Angola for tourism, study, medical treatment, private investment and temporary stay of foreign nationals.

The new Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola introduced the following innovations: a restriction of the provisions on administrative expulsion, privileging the court; establishment of an adequate criminal penalties to prevent and suppress unlawful acts related to illegal immigration and the exploitation of labor, illegal workers, increase the fines to discourage illegal immigration, the creation of the new is seen as complimentary and territorial extension of the typology of entry visas, creating 5 (five) including new types of tourism, studies, medical treatment, privileged and temporary residence, adding the ability to transfer visas and even the definition of infringement as well as the migratory list of consequences for their action.


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The current situation of the world, characterized by the convergence of immigration procedures obliges each State to formulate instruments for the prevention, detection and combat of illegal immigration practices, as well as how to assist it.

The current reality of the Country motivates many foreign citizens to want to establish themselves in the Country, which compels the authorities to adopt measures for effective control and to assure that their stay is coordinated within the parameters that motivated their initial entry, so that their social integration is achieved in a regularl and coherent manner. Since Law 3/94, of 21 January came into force, wide-ranging legal, economic, political and other changes have occurred and brought with them new forms of migration trends.

This law aims to provide a robust framework for combating and controlling illegal immigration, whilst still being a framework that is flexible enough for the situation of peace, development and opening up of the Republic of Angola to the world.

In view of the foregoing, and under the terms of paragraph b) of Article 88 of the Constitution, the National Assembly passes as follows:



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