Legislation Law No. 2/07 of 31 May - Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola

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Law No. 2/07 of 31 May - Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola

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Law No. 2/07 of 31 May - Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola
CHAPTER I - General Provisions
CHAPTER II - Rights, Duties and Guarantees
CHAPTER III - Entry and Departure from National Territory
  CHAPTER IV - Entry Visas
CHAPTER V - Residence permits
CHAPTER VI - Registration
CHAPTER VII - Travel Documents to be Issued to Foreign Citizens
CHAPTER VII - Offenses
CHAPTER IX - Charges
CHAPTER X - Executory and transitory provisions
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ARTICLE 92. (Registration of residence)

Foreign citizens who hold residence visas are required to register with the municipal authorities in their area of residence, within eight days of entering national territory.

ARTICLE 93. (Registration of data)

1. The Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths shall forward to the Immigration Service copies of the records of marriages and deaths of foreign citizens, together with those for acquisition or loss of Angolan nationality.

2. The courts shall also forward to the Migration and Foreigners Service certificates of criminal convictions of foreign citizens.

3. Minors whose parents are foreign residents in national territory and who are born in such  national  territory  shall  be  registered  within  ninety  days  with  the Migration and Foreigners Service.

ARTICLE 94. (Registration of guests)

1. The owners and managers of hotels, guest houses, inns, tourist developments or similar establishments,  and  all  those  who  accommodate  non-resident  foreign  citizens,  are required to declare such fact within 24 hours to the Migration and Foreigners Service and, in areas where this service is not represented, the National Police.

2. The persons and organizations referred to in the foregoing paragraph shall complete the accommodation report form, in order to render the declaration effective.

3. Notice of accommodation provided over the weekend and on public holidays shall be given on the next business day.

ARTICLE 95. (Accommodation report form)

1. Accommodation report forms are for the monitoring of non-resident foreign citizens sojourning in national territory.

2. The accommodation report form is that contained in Executive Decree 27/03, of 06 June, of the Minister of the Interior.

3. The Immigration Service shall be responsible for inspecting the establishments referred to in Article 94 above in respect of compliance with the duty to report accommodation.



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