The return movement of Angolans to the country increases

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logotipo smeThe start of school in the last September 10 increased the entry and exit of foreigners in the national borders. This information appears in the weekly report, presented at the forum composed of Heads of Departments, the service offices and official superiors, guests when needed.

According to the report, during this period, the SME issued a total of 5,360 for national acts, of whom 4,689 received through its diplomatic facilities that provide care to Angolans around the world.

Has issued 2,315 foreign acts, including short-term visas, work, residence and their revalidation of a total of 13,408 acts approved.

Received, referenced and also issued 707 crossing passes. Regarding migration information, the inspection service applied a total of 121 fines for violating the law n. 2/07 of 31 August, on the Legal Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola.

The paper highlights the judicial expulsion order during this period of 161 foreigners living illegally in the country and 226 or so administratively.

Please note that DRC citizens topped the list of offenders, meanwhile, 325 detained in detention centers for illegal estangeiros, waiting for expulsion.

In recent months the average of expulsions of illegal aliens is 350 a week.


Source: Institutional Portal of the SME, September 20, 2012



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