More than 600 promotions in the Frontier Guard Police

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policia667 men, from the 9th and 10th Frontier Guard Police's units from Moxico, were promoted today, in Luena, to several military degrees from first-sargeant to inspector-chief.

In the ceremony that was guided by the Province National Police's commander, commissioner Felipe Barros Espanhol, were promoted 11 inspector-chiefs and 8 sub-inspectors, while the rest gratuated from 1st, 2nd and 3rd sub-chiefs and 1st class agents.

Barros Espanhol told the freshly promoted agents to keep on working with dedication and commitment, in a way of corresponding to the degrees they were promoted to.

He also said the Frontier Guard Police, which guarantees the Angolan borders with other countries, must keep fighting for the safekeeping of those borders, thus not allowing the entrance of foreigners in an illegal situation.

The event was attended by superior officers of the National Police, civil workers from the corporation, family relations and other guests.


Source: Angola Press, 13th November 2012




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