Increasing action on illegal immigration

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The State secretary of Interior, Eugénio Laborinho, asked the responsibles for the Service of Migration and Foreigners (SME) to increase their actions of fiscalisation and carry on a ruthless combat agains illegal immigration.

Eugénio Laborinho was addressing the Advisory Board of SME on its meeting opening session.

He said the country has been the target for an unorganized and irregular immigration wave, which violates the laww in a flagrant way,

Concerning this, he considers that a study is needed, which allows some action measures that are more dilligent and complex, in order to frustate the networks that promote and aid illegal migration in their attempts to unbalance the country and seeking an easy profit.

Eugénio Laborinho atated that the use of information technology will also offer new dinamics in managing the migratory fluxes.

He called out for the enforcing of the visa's control systems, aiming for work efficiency and a better, real-timed communciation between the SME and the consulates.

The Interior's State secretary recommended the fullfilment of the Executive's commitments for international cooperation concerning human rights for all the citizens that cross borders. "You have to be able to act with coherence and responsability, because it's you representing the public authorities of this country in that first contact that you make with foreign citizens", the State secretary pointed out.

Eugénio Laborinho also asked SME's responsilbles to keep their focus on man. "The plans to develop the focus on social support must continue on the priorities list". The Advisory Board of the Service of Migration and Foreigners - with the motto: "Under the sign of change and rightness, we will develop a migration service that it is strong and coesive - will analise several topics, such as the illegal migration phenomenon, the operative situation in the country, the pre-project for regulation of the eletronic passport and the revision proposal of migration taxes. The Service of Migration and Foreigners has a new director since October 26th, José Paulino Cunha da Silva, in replacement of João Maria de Freitas Neto.

 Today, the new director will preside the closing session of the SME's Advisory Board, which is studying the institution's challenges for the next years. The reinforcement of controlling actions on migratory activities and the "deburocratization" of migratory actions (based on legislation) are some of the challenges that SME will face.


Source: Jornal de Angola, November 16th, 2012



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