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eugenio-lThe State Secretary of Home Affairs Ministry, Eugénio Laborinho, this Thursday in Luanda, urged the personnel of Migration and Foreigners Department to stick to the principles of behaviour based on justice, transparency and professional ethics toward all citizens, both national and foreigners.

Eugénio Laborinho made the appeal while addressing the opening ceremony of the 14th Consultative Council of the Migration Service. The Ministry said that much has been done but much more needs to be done, having reiterated the efforts focussed on full and exemplar discipline in performance of irreplaceable social functions. "We are aware that on us lies the thorny, but noble mission, of intensifying surveillance activities in the relentless combat to illegal migration whose authors insist on making our borders an open space without rules", said the Secretary of State of the Interior.

According to Eugénio Laborinho, the country has been the target of a wave of disorderly immigration that arrive illegally, violating the procedures of immigration law.

To this purpose he defended the need to study intelligent measures of control and supervision centred on those networks which promote and help the illegal immigration, destabilizing and in search of easy profit.

The use of information technologies will offer a new dynamic in the whole process of immigration flows management, despite the various difficulties that often compromise the effectiveness and efficiency of the results that defraud the public.

It´s a challenge to the SME on continuing to focus on the man, the main asset of any organization, because the plans developed under the social support must be included in the priorities agenda. "I know it is not an easy task, but it is a big challenge, the challenge is launched and I believe everyone here has the ability and intelligence to fulfill this commitment with zeal and mission spirit ," he said.

On the other hand, he called for greater attention to the obligations of the executive, relating to international cooperation in the aspect of respecting the citizens human rights who cross the border for several reasons.

Regarding this you have to know how to act with consistency and responsibility because you are representing the image of the public authorities of this country, you are the first contact they establish with the entry of foreign nationals.

The event, which is scheduled to end on Friday, is discussing the conclusions emerged from the methodological meeting of maritime units, the study and analysis of the phenomenon of "illegal immigration", information about the bill for the reimbursement in fines, among other topics.


Source: Angola Press, November 15th, 2012



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