Institutional Mission, Values and Goals

Mission, Values and Goals of SME

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The Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) oversees the safety and inviolability of angolan borders by land, sea, river and air, the application of administrative and physical procedures provided by law. The SME fights migratory illegalities and regulates the legal circulation flows of people, alone and in collaboration with national and international authorities.



The daily performance of the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) is guided by universal values:  

Integrity: immunity to deception, corruption and other adverse events to the execution of the mission of the SME is an essential requirement to take responsibility for the management and control of migration flows to and from Angola, ensuring border security nationwide.  

Legality: compliance and strict enforcement of immigration laws ensures the correct interpretation of the rules in force in Angola, fighting crime and immigration.  

Security: the prevention and elimination of all risks to the integrity of the angolan borders resulting from the application of the law and the mobilization of technical and human resources.  

Humanity: full respect for human rights in the treatment of citizens, both legal and illegal status, is an integral element of the SME activity, reflected in the daily practice of staff.



The Migration and Foreign Service's main goals are:

To provide national and international stakeholders an excellent service, anticipating and satisfying present and future needs;  

Ensure the protection of the integrity of the borders of Angola preventing and reducing progressively the nature of illegal migration;  

 Ensure efficient cooperation with the international police and immigration authorities to establish and maintain a coordinated and coherent migration policy;  

• Ensure equal and fair treatment of all migratory situations under its umbrella.



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