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How to legalize your situation?

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The efforts made by the Angolan State in order to fight illegal immigration are countless, both on the legislative front and operational and functional, and the Migration and Foreigners Service is expelling and repatriating daily, dozens of illegal foreigners in Angolan ground.

If you are illegal in Angola, namely if your Entry Visa on national territory (Diplomatic Visa, Courtesy Visa, Consular Visa or Territorial Visa), or your Residence Permit has already expired (Article 40 and following, and Article 78 and following, all articles in Legal System of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola), if the employment contract that gave rise to the Visa grant is rescinded, if you are working on a different professional activity from the one that gave rise to the Visa grant, or if you are working for a employer different from the one that requested the Visa (Article 77 of the Regulation in Legal System of Foreigners in the Republic of Angola) - and that constitute migratory infringements as laid down in Article 100 of Legal System of Foreigners of the Republic of Angola - you will be able to legalize your situation, following the legal procedures presented below.

First, it is advisable to go to Migration and Foreigners Service or to the respective SME's Board of Province, informing that your on-call time in national territory is expired, justifying the motive for the extension in order to the application to be duly appreciated by the Entities.

At that moment, the authorities will evaluate the concrete situation and will decide the application for the daily Fine equivalent to USD 150,00, and liquidate within 10 days, as laid down in Article 101 in the Legal System of Foreigners in Angola.  At the same time, and attentive to the motive presented, the SME's Boards of Provinces, as laid down in point 4 of that same Article 101, to inform leaving national territory.

The noncompliance with the notifications received, and the maintaining of the situation of illegal residence, will imply the immigrant's expulsion from national territory. Avoidable situation if the immigrant addresses to the mentioned services in the scope of the purposes mentioned above.

After checking the illegal residence situation and paying the fine and/or the notification of country withdrawal, it's necessary to determine the steps to take to obtain the desired legalization. Thus, this measure implies you should head to the Diplomatic and Consular Mission of Angola to request the necessary documents to return legally to Angola, namely, the respective Entry Visa in force and suited to travel to Angola (Diplomatic Visa, Official Visa, Courtesy Visa, Consular Visa or Territorial Visa).

Besides the Entry Visa, in order to enter national territory it's necessary to gather and make proof cumulatively of the following requirements (Article 13 of the Legal System of Foreigners of the Republic of Angola):

    a) Passport or any other international travel document valid in the Republic of Angola, and whose validity is more than 6 (six) months;

    b) Means of subsistence in national territory, more than 200,00 USD  (two hundred dollars) for each day of stay in Angola (Article 19);

    c) International Vaccine Card;

    d) Not be forbidden to enter national territory, in virtue of having been expelled of the country less than 5 (five) years ago, not have been convicted to an legal consequence of expulsion became final, or pose strong threat to the internal order or national security (Article 15).

Effective control politics allow a perfect knowledge and suited to the country's reality concerning its population, either native, either immigrant. Thus, only with everyone's collaboration we can provide those who look for better life conditions in our country the quality and ambitions they deserve.


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