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Questions and Answers

Here, we will answer to your questions concerning SME. We present the main questions posed to us.

If I am illegal in Angola, may I regularize my situation?

 It's up to you also to accomplish it.  Assuming your situation and, responsibly, looking for the support of the Migration and Foreigners Service, you can increase the probability of regularizing your situation. The SME, in the section Legalization Information, offering you a set of practical suggestions which will reveal very useful.

I'm a foreign citizen and I reside in Angola. What are my rights?

Residing in Angola conveys specific rights and obligations for foreign citizens. Check section Legislation to know more about the law that assists you. Pay particular attention to Law No. 2/07 of 31 August, that establishes Legal System for Foreigners of the Republic of Angola and Presidential Decree 108/11 of 25 May, which contains the new Regulation regarding the Legal System for Foreigners.

If you want to know more about certain subject related to immigration, use the specific legislation search box. It's the fastest and simpler way to find everything you need.

I wanted to live and work in Angola. I know some people who say they can assure my legalization through SME, in exchange for a large amount of money. Should I accept the proposal?

No. Under any circumstances. Only the Diplomatic and Consular Missions and the SME have the authority and competence to take care of subjects related to foreign citizens' legalization, and only in their own facilities, in public. When you receive such a proposal, even if your interlocutor presents himself as migratory authority, you should denounce the situation to the SME, through our section Electronic Claims and Complaints denouncing the situation and also to your country's migratory authorities and police.

It could be a situation of allurement and promotion of illegal immigration, that we all should fight.

I heard it's necessary receive vaccines in order to go to Angola. What vaccines should I take? Are they very expensive?

 First of all, you should go to your country's health services and perform a Travel Health Consultation. There, you will be provided with all the necessary information and will receive suitable immunization.

However, and for reference, vaccines against yellow fever are mandatory and vaccines against hepatitis A, tetanus-diphtheria and yellow fever are recommended. The prices vary from country to country, but we recommend immunization in the origin country.  To the foreign citizens who travel to Angola without their vaccines up to date, vaccines will immediately be applied when they enter Angolan territory, and with high rates.

I want to take care of the documents regarding my legal entry in Angola. Who should I contact?

You have come to the right place. In our section Informations, we provide you with the necessary indications regarding the documents you can take care of at the SME. At the section Services we make available all the information regarding taxes and procedures, besides all the necessary forms to ensure everything can be taken care of without having to physically go to the facilities.

If you prefer to take care of things face to face, you will find in section Service Providers , on the menu Services, the addresses and contacts of the several SME's facilities, near which you can take care of your situation.

The service provided by the SME, at a given time was not the more correct/distinguished positively. May I manifest my opinion?

The SME is concerned with the users opinion and wants to provide an excellence service. The section Praises and Complaints to the SME Officers is where you can manifest your esteem or displeasure regarding the service provided by the SME's workers.



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