Foreigers in illegal situation are expelled

DSC 7387copiaDuring the last seven days, the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) repatriated foreigners of several nationationaties for illegal permanence in the national territory. In declarations to ANGOP, SME's spokesperson, Simão Milagres, stated that citizens from the Democratic Republic of Congo are in majority, considering their 550 infractors in a total of 564 expulsions.

Relatively to the foreign passangers movements, he said, the SME registered 13 724 entrances, between this month's 11th and 17th (plus 79 than the prior register), and 13 643 departures (plus 1 705). For the migratory acts of national citizens, he added, the institution's checkpoints registered 5 693 passport requests, besides the emisson of 6 686 similar documents.

Simão Milagres also advanced that for migratory acts of foreigners - obtaining the visas -, there were made 1 989 requests and 1 891 permissions and 2 270 travel passes were granted. Considering infractions commited by expatriated people, 95 fines were emitted and paid. He also revelead that 388 citizens of multiple nationalities are in custody at the Center for Detention of Illegal Foreigners.


Source: Jornal de Angola, October 25, 2012