Consul asks police forces to connect more with the Angolan border community

consulfronteiraYesterday, in the village of Ounonge, Namacunde, the Angola's consul in Oshataki asked for a stronger connection between the police forces and the Customs services that work on border crossing points and the community that lives in Angola's border with Namibia.


Pedro Calenga talked during a two-day visit to the border crossing points of Ruacaná, Calueque and Marcos 9, 10, 12 and 16, to know of their activity.

He said that "only with a good relationship with the community can the inviolability of the borders be kept and, so, fight the other crimes there are commited there".

Pedro Calenga added that, with these visits, he wants to gather informations about the Ministry of Interior's organs that work along the border, aiming for the improvement of their working conditions.

The general consul in Oshataki considered that because of its width, the border between Angola and Namibia is easily crossed by illegals, thus needing a special attenttion: "our forces need better working conditions, especially means of transportation for patrolling, considering that they are now working on foot."

Pedro Calenga warned that, similarly to other borders, many cases of illegal and silent migration take place there: "these citizens from other countries study our community and our forces way of acting, and cross our borders, which constitutes a danger for our soverinity".

This visit, promoted by the General Consul of Angola in Oshataki, also aimed to mobilize all the organisms working at the border to a constant dialogue and an information exchange, as well as warning the competent organs into taking serious measures to protect the limits shared with Namibia.

The consul's delegation included the military attaché of the Embassy of Angola in Namibia, the Border Police top-officers , Fiscal and Economics Police, Customs and the Migration and Foreigners Service.

The consul will also visit checkpoint 34 and the border crossing point in Santa Clara.

Source: Jornal de Angola, October 24, 2012