Provincial governor inaugurates Quela´s administration

QuelaThe municipality of Quela has new municipal administration infrastructures, built from scratch, under the integrated program of rural development and battle against hunger and poverty.

Inaugurated by Norberto dos Santos, the provincial governor of Malanje, the infrastructures aim to provide greater dignity and working conditions, as well as improving service to the public. The infrastructures contain administrative areas, surveillance sections, city administrator´s office and his deputy, a meeting room, office, among other areas.

Speaking at the opening, the governor said he will continue to build new municipal and communal administrations, because there are still municipalities whose infrastructures are inadequate.

According to the governor, the Municipal Administration of Quela will be a model to apply in other municipalities, which still work  in improper installations. "With the inauguration of this administration, the staff will work with comfort and determination, because it is well equipped with the latest equipment," he said.

Meanwhile, the municipal administrator of Quela, Tomás Rodrigues da Conceição, said that there are still other works to start in the municipality, such as the municipal hospital, municipal administration of Quela, administrator palace and multipurpose pavilion, among other infrastructures, whose works are nearing completion.

He said the municipality of Quela had a great growing with the implementation of the municipal rural development program and with the promotion of housing, which includes the construction of 200 dwellings, of which 63 are already completed Alongside the municipal administration, the governor of Malanje also inaugurated, last Wednesday, in Quela municipality, the municipal command of the National Police.

The unit houses the patrol, public order, command post, field logistics, medical, cell and canteen departments, office of the commander and sections of the Immigration Service and the Fiscal Police, properly equipped.


Source: Angola Press, November 1, 2012