Communiqué - Migration and Foreigners Service

The minister of the Interior, Sebastião José António Martins, on behalf of the Executive of the Republic of Angola, using the power vested in a) of Article 4 of the Organic Statute of the Ministry of Interior, and doing justice to d) of Article 120 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, in conjunction with paragraph 1 of Article 30 of Law 2 / 07, dated August 31, on the Legal Regime of Foreign and paragraph 2 of Article 23 of Presidential Decree No. 108/11 of May 25, the Regulations on the Legal Regime of Foreign Affairs, determines the order of deportation, for an irregular migratory situation, to safeguard the national interest and security of the Angolan State, the following foreign nationals:


Ali Tajideen

Raef Tajeddine

Samir Tageddine

Talaleddine Tajeddine

Hassan Samir Tajeddine

Hussein Tajideen

Mohamad Ali Tajideen

Mohamad Tajeddine

Youssef Tageddine

Samih Kafal

Abdalah Mortada

Ahmad Afif Kashmar

Aiman Azki

Ali Abbas Bitar

Ali Baalbaki

Ali Fouani

Ali Hamam

Ali Hussein Baalbaki

Ali Yassine

Amer Koroab

Belal Seblini

Bilal Zabad

Chadi Abbas

Dani Ze Aiter

Fadl Salem Warde

Ghaleb Fakih

Ghassan Karkaba Chit

Ghazi el Gadban

Hassan Ahmad Kshour

Hassan Hassan

Hassan Kinyar

Hassan Mortada

Hassan Najib Mortada

Hassan Saad

Hassan Saad

Hojor Ahmad Sleem

Hourched Salman

Hussein Mohamad El Haj

Hussein El Haj

Hussein El Mosawy

Hussein Hamouche

Hussein Hourani

lbraim Kresht

ismail Kandakji

Jalal Jaafar

Jawil Hassan

Kassem Abou Khalil

Kassem Kalil

Kassen Kresht

Khodor Assaf

Khodor Reda

Maidar Azaki

Malek Awada

Mazen Sabra

Mohamad Abo Sabbah

Mohamad Ali Hourani

Mohamad Khazem

Mohamad Mortada

Mohamed Ahmad Saksouk

Mohamed Ali Hassan Hussein

Mohamed Tahmek

Mourcheb Salman

Moustapha Kefel

Nassar Awao Kamal

Nizal Yassine

Omran Taki

Rabih Borji

Rabih Darwich

Wahib AI Hassanieh

Wissam Chit

Yehia Kannas

Yoossff Mohanna

Zahraa Makdesi


Aysha Paiva Monteiro


Kassem Krisht


Ivan Enrique Pinto Infante


Gaby Osungela Ngelige


AIí Mostafa

Ashraf Ibraim Hajaj Haggag

Moustafa Kamal Darwish


Ajith Achuthan

Bhupendra Ujalendra Sharma

Bipinkumar Sanghavi

Gandhirajan Swaminathan

Mohan Tirunelvely Jayagopal

Mohd Asaf Murtaza

Paresh Mahadevbhai Sharma

Pinky Paresh Sharma

Purshotam Kumar Sharma

Rajarajan Thennathur Annatharajan

Saijesh Rajan Behera

Suresh Kumar Makkotam

Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar


Ahmad Ali Hourani

Fadl Salem Warde

Mohamed Hourani


Mário de Freitas Martins


Diouf Yappou


Abdallah as Kefel

Chadi Zabad

Muslimane Slim

Tarick Muslimani


Abdul Hakim Ahmad Almasri

Abdul Karim Hamdan

Abdul Karim M. Kher Hamid

Abdul Rahman Yousef

Ahmad Subhi Hourani

Ali Dfrawi

Almuataz Bellah Muawieh Zeidan

Ayoub El Samhi

Fouzi Arban

Habib Samhi

Hussein Ali Hussein

Maher Ratem Ornar

Mali Ayoub

Mamoud Bakkari

Mohamad Abdul Rhman AI-Khuzaei

Mohamad Ali Suliman AI Suliman

Mostafa Al Hosen

Ornar Mohamad Aodeh

Saleh Alhmoud

Samer Abdul Rahman Shamsini



El Messai

Fathi Bakkari

Fatni Dahari

Ghaith Issaoui

Habib Jelassi

Hakim Rejeb

Hichem Issaoui

Imed Anizi

Karim Saadouli

Lazhar Hadj Massoued

Mahmou Bakari

Mohamed Thabti

Mourad Othman

Noureddine Marzougui

Olfa Ayeb

Ramzi Dhebaibi

Radwane Jaoudd

Saafi Ben Mohamed Dhaoui

Samir Hamdi

Walid Hamdi


Accordingly, the Migration and Foreigners Service must take steps, towards the location of these citizens, for the formalization of the orders of the expulsion, and consequently, the prohibition of entry into national territory for a period exceeding twenty (20) years, in view of establishing the point a) of Article 15 of Law 2 / 07, 31 August, and, while they remain in the country, should be referred to the Illegal Foreigners Detention Center (CDEI), and to effect, enforce the payroll in paragraph 1 of Article 101 and paragraph 3 of Article 102 of that law, blaming them and the company they were bound to, for the infringement arising from the time of illegal stay in Angolan territory.

The Minister of the Interior calls for national and international public opinion, to the clear interest of the Angolan State and its Executive to respect and ensure respect for the Angolan laws and international conventions regarding immigration matters in the current context of globalization, characterized by the convergence of interests, enabling the prevention, detection and suppression practices arising from illegal immigration and his aid, and practices that undermine peace and security worldwide.


Minister of the Interior Office